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      Our planet is in the middle of changing gears, transitioning into its 4th density. For millennia, Spirit entities from the Light have communicated in a clear voice with select individuals on Earth. They have been prophets, psychics, simply spiritually gifted or chosen individuals with whom the Light wanted to impart messages. As part of having crossed the threshold into a “new (Aquarian) civilization”, a different human is slowly emerging. For this, the Light has shared the tool of Lightstreaming so that EVERY person shall have the opportunity to talk directly with the Light.  This Lightstreaming medium is also strongly integrated in the Atonement principle, in that it can address healing issues. 

     The purpose of Lightstreaming is to neutralize the ego’s influence over the conscious mind. You will, for the first time, learn how the ego developed. Much of the body of work of the Premanadi Foundation will also serve as an introduction to how the mind is configured to work, correcting certain misgivings from traditional psychology.

     Lightstreaming also incorporates Past Life Regression [PLR] as one of its healing tools. It enables access to past lives with the intent to remove obstacles that may have been carried on into this life cycle.

Future Life Progression [FLP] serves as a balancing medium to consider available paths for upcoming soul progress and incarnations. With interest in how you can most efficiently go from point A to point B, you will find FLP to be an EXTRAORDINARILY valuable tool.

        Finally, Lightstreaming Insights is our teaching block, providing insight into the how-why-where of the Spiritual backdrop.

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“I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy and quite apprehensive about alternative avenues. My MD's indicated a recovery time between 6 to 24 months. I tried Lightstreaming Health and within 2 weeks my Bells Palsy was completely gone! I am glad I had a mind open enough to try it. I have also received immensely helpful information from the Light through Lightstreaming Classic. I highly recommend using Lightstreaming to get direct help from the Other Side.”
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Christopher Spencer

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