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About The Premanadi Foundation
Its Founders

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Marc Mourier

Marc Mourier holds a BM from Norway and Israel, a MM from The University of Wisconsin and Doctoral studies [Doctor of Musical Arts] at The University of North Texas.

Born in Paris, France and raised in France and Norway, Mr. Mourier has also completed extensive studies in classical Greek and Latin. Besides being a degreed Master Certified Estate Planner and an accomplished orchestra conductor, he is a consummate linguist, published author and teacher.

A seasoned public speaker, Mr. Mourier has lectured to over a half million consumers across the United States on motivational, financial and marketing subjects.

His spiritual training includes extensive time at the ashram of Swami Narayananda.

Marc is a Certified Past Life Regressionist and has worked with hypnotherapy for years, co-developing the techniques that have culminated into the final format of Lightstreaming.

The Inner Marc...

My life has been very different from the way my parents wanted me to live it. They were both lifetime employees, one employer, and always told me that I should follow their path. “That would be the safest,” they said. Being an employee damaged me so much that I had to leave that option. After 65 years of living, I have been an employee for less than two years.

My professional endeavors have included that of Mayan tour operator, astrologer, garbage collector, used car sales franchise owner, investment advisor, organist, piano tuner/technician, orchestra conductor, author, food importer, language teacher, and the list goes on. I have been very successful in all but a couple of them.

The trend here is that I always opt for freedom. I love the idea of individual independence with no one else telling me how to live my life, such as: when to go on vacation, when I can have lunch, what clothes to wear, what car I should drive, etc. That need for freedom also bleeds over into my spiritual life.

At the age of 17, after moving from my native France to Norway, my mother took me on a trip to Brighton, England. The main pier there had a little hut where a palmist named Eva Petulengro did a reading for my mom. Absolutely everything she told my mother actually came to fruition in the next two years. I was flabbergasted. She foretold the name of the person who would become her next romantic partner, where he lived, his physical appearance, what he did for a living, his age and date of birth, and so much more. Ever since, I have taken advantage of advice from people who have that special talent and it has seldom led me astray.

I always wondered when reading the Scriptures how it could be possible that God was talking to specific people, for example, the prophets of Israel. Why couldn’t He talk to me? Granted, I was no Isaiah or Ezekiel, but if He could just pass a little crumb of communication my way it would change my life, I thought.

In search for guidance, I left the worldly environments of Norway and went to stay at the main ashram of Swami Narayanananda. Under his tutelage, I learned that Hatha Yoga was an insightful but shockingly painful process.

A few years later, I found myself living in the heart of Jerusalem, Israel. Being there was a riveting connection experience and an introduction to all things Jewish. Little did I know that many of my past endeavors would lead me to solving the communication issue, but from a totally unexpected angle. I was finally able to communicate directly with the Light, but more importantly, the Light showed me a vehicle (Lightstreaming) that would make communicating with the Light available to everyone.

Having the right partner is critical to achieve complete spiritual balance. Lightstreaming would not be a possibility if I had not met Pramala. Together, we have forged a powerful alliance with the Light. As such, we live in an arranged marriage, if you can grasp that!

I have lived a large segment of my life mindlessly when it comes to aligning with the Light. That changed very quickly once I realized the path that was mine to walk. My call in life is that of a teacher of the Light.

I have gone through a rigorous education at some very good schools but flaunting degrees has never been my thing. I prefer to be known for the things that I have achieved and will achieve to enrich other people’s lives.

My main direct spiritual teacher is Yeshua. Sandalphon is my most influential guide. I will seldom present a significant spiritual idea or concept unless it has been verified with Yeshua. I will never teach on issues that have come to me through hearsay or are of unverified origin. The spiritual topics I teach on, I have been told to teach. As such, I do not follow two sets of books since the Light has a uniform curriculum for the entire planet. My teachings aim to plug into that curriculum.

Lightstreaming is assembled of various building blocks. The following chapters explore them, one by one, from a beginner’s perspective. I hope you enjoy this book and that you are enticed to learn more about how the mind is interconnected with health and the Light. If you take the time to study this subject within the boundaries of Lightstreaming, you stand a great chance of not only extending your life but also enriching it.

I will look forward to seeing you on that trail. You won’t be dissatisfied!

Mission Statement

Premanadi is a not-for-profit, spiritual and metaphysical faith based organization anchored in the belief in


Premanadi is non-sectarian, non-religious and 

The traditional dogma of established world 
religions is NOT a part of Premanadi Foundation’s teachings.

Premanadi believes there is 


Premanadi wills to assist the Light in preparing for the final ASCENSION of 
every human being.

Premanadi establishes that HEALING (mind and body) through ATONEMENT is a prerequisite for Ascension.

Premanadi asserts that DIRECT communication with Holy Light entities (Angels, Masters, Archangels, Elohims etc.) can most enhance 
the preparation for spiritual ascension.


Premanadi sees PHILANTROPY as a natural 
extension of SHARING.

Premanadi aims to promote PEACE.

Pramala Mourier

Pramala holds an Honors Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology (UK) and a degree as Master of Science in Clinical Psychology (with Distinction) from the US.

She has completed 500 hours of Clinical Hypnotherapy training and is certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners as well as being a Lightstreaming Specialist (Lightstreaming has been developed by both Pramala and Marc) and Past Life Regressionist. Training with Dr. Brian Weiss has been instrumental to the depth and direction of Pramala's expertise with Past Life Regression.  She has been a Clinical Hypnotherapist since 2006.

As a passionate mental health worker, volunteer for local hospice and children with special needs and their families, her experience is extensive.

In Hawaii, she was part of a mobile crisis team providing outreach to those with severe and persistent mental illness. Then continued as a Crisis Coordinator leading a team of Crisis Workers to attend to survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse on the island of Kauai, where stabilizing her clients, supporting them and returning them to their pre-crisis state was her primary objective.

Being the Program Manager of a large counseling center in Dallas provided Pramala the opportunity to work with a varied population in age, ethnicity and disorders. For her, truly understanding the nature of a client’s issue, has been fundamental in developing methods and programs to resolving them.

As a Past Life Regressionist, Pramala is able to guide clients to appropriate past lives to answer questions pertaining to their current life and health issues. She is able to facilitate the connection between her client and the Light, to answer their questions and also facilitate the healing that the Light provides for them.

The Inner Pramala...

My curiosity for the workings of the Universe started early. I remember wondering at a young age, around 8 years old, about what happens after we die. I found it quite hard to believe that this life is all that there is. Would there be nothing beyond this?

Keeping these thoughts to myself for many years, and living in several countries, I began to realize that every culture has its own belief in life, life after death and reincarnation, and that there is a common thread to all of them. They all prayed to a higher power and this higher power also has the ability to help them in times of need or ill health.

I became fascinated. This higher power could be invoked through prayer. My parents are Hindu, but non-practicing. We rarely attended temples or celebrated Hindu festivals. I was unaware, in fact, of my Hindu heritage until I traveled to India as a teenager. The names of divinities like Ganesh, Shiva, Lakshmi, and so on, became familiar to me. However, how they fit into the whole picture of the higher power was unclear to me.

It was later in life that I was able to understand that the deities were, in fact, in charge of specific energies linked to certain domains. For example, Ganesh is the remover of obstacles. I would pray to Ganesh when I had obstacles in my life. I was actually praying to invoke the energy of Ganesh that had the power to remove obstacles.

However, I finished my schooling in a convent run by Salesian nuns. It was not unusual for me to pray to Jesus, as I had often done as a Girl Guide in Cyprus and also at the schools I attended in the UK. Morning assembly at schools always consisted of prayers and singing hymns. So, the convent was not so strange to me after all. I had my mind opened to various paths, all leading to the one higher power, God.

I found prayer and my connection to the Light, to be my ally throughout my life, particularly as I survived a number of serious health and life issues.  These were overcome and the Light led the way to my recovery in every instance. My connection with the Light only grew stronger over time.

I have often wondered why I was given such guidance throughout my life and helped when situations became dire.

I now know that there are plans for me to pursue a path aligned with the Light.

I am a dedicated follower of the Light, which, for me, means also helping others have the same support that I have had throughout my life. This is my mission. Understanding healing emerged as a passion. Realizing that I am medically intuitive provided a healing platform. It has been a wonderful added gift enabling me to help others.

I have and still own a private practice offering these services to those who seek answers to their life and health issues.

Finding my twin flame, Marc, has been a blessing in my life. We make a very strong spiritual team together, committed to the well-being of everyone searching for answers to spiritual, physical and emotional issues.

I have the privilege of working with people that want to improve their lives by addressing those issues that prevent them from moving forward.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than assisting a person in their journey in life to help find the solution to their issues using Lightstreaming Past Life Regression,  Lightstreaming Classic or Lightstreaming Health. As a facilitator, I am able to work, observe and record these sessions with them. 

I truly look forward to working with you! 

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